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marketing idea – a “plus” download bundled with a few plugins

  • _ck_


    I’ve noticed a few new users are turned off by their first experience with a bbPress install because the think it’s so devoid of features and don’t understand it’s potential. They don’t want to be bothered to hunt for plugins to add features, some of which are no longer maintained and don’t work (or worse they break the install).

    How about in addition to the standard download version, a “plus” version could be offered with a few bundled plugins, hand selected for stability and common feature requests? They could auto-activate after a proper install finishes. A clear notice could be made that Automattic is not responsible for the plugins and how to deactivate them.

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  • chrishajer


    I agree that people get turned off by downloading and installing something that does not work, then they search out plugins to add functionality, and the plugins no longer work, and that is certainly discouraging. But I don’t think creating a ‘Plus’ download is the way to go. I think a better job needs to be done on the releases, to ensure they work, and then somehow plugins need to be updated. Since bbPress is so young, a lot of the plugins that were written no longer work with current releases. There are “required version” and “compatible up to” fields, which are populated and appear to be accurate, but maybe they’re not always maintained. The Extend section seems like it’s gotten some love lately, so maybe the plugins will remain compatible longer now, or at least someone will check on them. I know writing and maintaining a plugin is a huge commitment.

    In short, I know it’s frustrating to download software that doesn’t always work, then find plugins to solve problems only to install those and not have them work, but I don’t think a ‘Plus’ release is the way around that.

    Sam Bauers


    This might be something that a third-party would like to do, but I don’t think we will do it here. Certainly it would be welcomed, and actually you would probably do a decent job of it _ck_.



    Well that would actually be my next question as I am not familiar with the legal limits of opensource/gnu software. Am I allowed to make a bundled version of bbPress and use part of the name bbPress as long as I am clear I didn’t make the core product, and include the GPL license?

    Robin W


    I think that you will struggle to maintain a bbpress + version, and that the ‘+’ will just get bigger and bigger and bigger. I probably have 20+ plugins I could write to do things that people ask for on the forums.

    Many people just want a particular part that suits them, and the bbpress philosophy is to keep it ‘skinny’ and let people use plugins.

    Making a big fat version would make it really hard to develop.

    The real problems are two:

    1. That people aren’t aware of the skinny philosophy – maybe I’ll put something at the start of the documentation to make this clearer.
    2. People aren’t aware of what plugins are available and which work. This is really because you have to have a problem or know what you want before you look for a plugin. This is a bit like buying a car with no add-ons/accessories list. So no-one tells you that electric windows are available, so you look for an expensive air-conditioning system because you don’t know how to open the windows. Solution is that we need to create a plugin list that starts with what it does, not with the plugin name or with searches for tags


    bbpress plugins Where to download
    Add quote feature
    genesis compatibility
    Move one forum to another
    private messaging
    email notifications (topics/replies)
    email notifications (topics/replies)
    add a signature

    I am just about to start one, so if you want to add the plugin name and what it does to this thread, I’ll get a list going.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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