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Many notifications from the same topic

  • vogelsang


    This might be by design.

    The ‘problem’ is that every user that has started or replied to a topic gets a notification everytime someones replies, i.e. 10 replies gets everyone 10 e-mails (even your own replies, which shouldn’t get you a notification).

    I am using the latest versions of bbpress and buddypress. I have looked through admin parts of both bbpress and buddypress, but haven’t been able to change it to something “smarter”. It seems like I can turn all notifications from replies on or off, but nothing in between. Is this how it is?

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  • Hi,
    In standard bbPress (don’t know BuddyPress that well), anybody can choose to receive replies by ticking the box at the bottom to be notified (so to subscribe). If you don’t tick this box, you should not get any notification.
    For sure standard behavior is that you do NOT get your own topics/replies.

    So you might have a another plugin that is somewhere changing this behavior…





    Thanks for the answer. I had another plugin, but it didn’t solve the problem. It is nice to know that bbpress got a better behaviour than my site has right now. I’m just gonna turn of plugins off until I find the problem (turning of notifications in buddypress wasn’t enough).


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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