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Managing users

  • ichameleon


    Hi – I have successfully added a bbpress forum (Version 2.6.4) to a new site with a custom theme on WordPress (5.3.2). I’m wondering if anyone can help recommend plugins to tackle some (I think) fairly standard requirements.

    I’ve tried a few combinations myself without complete success so I’d really appreciate some guidance.

    I’m trying to –

    • Allow user registration (sign up, get password, manage profile, password reminder),
    • Admin manually approve/suspend/delete users,
    • Prevent spam,
    • Import users from the previous forum using a csv of username and email.

    Sorry if it all seems a bit basic but I’m tying myself up in knots finding the right plugins.

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  • Chuckie


    I think you just need to google for the plugins and try them.

    I use Theme My Login for managing the login etc.

    Theme My Login

    I use WP Approve User to add control:

    WP Approve User

    I use WP Security Question for the spam side of things:

    WP Security Question

    I customised my user table to show the security question answers in a new column.

    There are probably other solutions, of which are paid, but the above help me sufficiently (for now).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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