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Making the newest posts show up first

  • The title pretty well explains it.

    It is a pain to have to scroll all the way down the page to see the “Newest” post. I’m certain this action is dueable but not sure which file to edit.

    All help is greatly appreciated,


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  • _ck_


    While I won’t say it’s impossible, doing this currently with bbpress is difficult because of how everything internally is geared for newest last.

    The post_position and other issues make this tricky. Even something as basic as jumping to the current post becomes a problem and has to be worked around.

    Matt just didn’t think of anyone desiring it any other way when he first coded things in bbpress and now it’s legacy.

    This is something I plan to address in a future (forked) version as well as parent/child threading. I’ve actually already accomplished it using plugins for a specific client but it’s overly complex and non-standardized.



    Note however you can easily make a link to the last post in any topic and for example make the “last poster” column link directly to that post.

    That question has been asked and answered several times around here.

    What i wanted to do is change the order of the topic comments and this is what worked for me:

    edit the file:


    and then change on line approx. 431 function get_thread()

    $defaults = array( ‘page’ => 1, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’ );

    //$defaults = array( ‘page’ => 1, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ ); =>was the original line

    and then change on line approx. 436 function get_thread()

    //$defaults = ‘DESC’; //

    $defaults = ‘ASC’;



    Yes but what happens when you try to jump directly to a specific post.

    bbPress doesn’t know the order of the posts so unless you change it with a filter, it will never return the person back to their own post.

    If you only have a single page of posts the problem is avoided, but try it on a topic with three pages of posts.

    Hello _ck_,

    I still have yet to figure out this problem but I noticed you are achieving this issue on your showcase site

    The most recent forum is showing up on top of the topic list right below the “stickies.”

    Any further help is appreciated,




    Wait, are you talking about on TOPIC pages or on forum/front page.

    The default order in bbPress is newest topics show up at the top on forum/front page, but newest posts show up last on topic page.

    Because you said “posts” I assumed you meant topic page.

    Or are you saying you want to link the “last poster” to the last post in a topic? That’s already done on freshness?


    what I needed was the change of order of the replies on a topic. So that the latest reply comes on top of page instead of the at the bottom of the page.



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    Since I use only one topic in the forum I was able to do so by changing these lines above. I think that there was indeed some confusing between the problem of changing the order of topic replies and the order of comments.

    Kind regards;




    Okay there are two different people in this conversation.

    But no, you cannot change the post order in a topic, at least not correctly and consistently. bbpress internally uses post-position and hard codes the post order.

    The system would have to be redesigned.

    My user-wall already avoids this problem and allows posts in any order and any spinoff I might create from bbpress will also have this ability.

    But for now, no bbpress can’t do that correctly.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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