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make homepage the forum archive

  • Travis S.


    Now I know this question has been asked every which way to sunday, but I just can’t figure it out for my particular setup. I’m a little annoyed at myself that i’ve been working w/ bbpress for a couple weeks and can’t figure it out on my own.

    Now my home page url is simply (id give you a link but its parked). So to clean up the breadcrumbs a bit I made the homepage static so I could use that as the archive/index page. That way breadcrumbs could just be “home > forum-name”.

    Now a couple issues which I can’t seem to figure out. If my homepage is simply what could I use as the forums slug? Based off of some previous semi-related topics posted here, I could just add the [bbp-topic-index] short code to the homepage in the high hopes it would redirect the “forums” breadcrumb to the homepage.

    So the ultimate goal here, 2 breadcrumbs. Make homepage the archive/index page so the forum breadcrumbs would be home > forum-name”

    Anyone got any ideas?

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