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Make get_topic_posts() get ALL posts regardless fo status?

  • I’ve been monkeying around with making a Moderating function for posts/topics (After _ck_’s version, and managed to get it working to a degree). Only exception is, get_topic_posts() obviously won’t let me sniff out posts with custom post_status’. I’ve made it so that new posts to be moderated have a post_status of 9. (Don’t ask, it felt like a good number.)

    Is there a hook I can hook into to add an extra dbquery to load my custom status’d posts? I am trying to get moderated posts to show up in the topic, with different visuals depending on who is looking at it.

    I was thinking of the filter hook: add_filter(‘get_topic_posts’, ‘myfunc’);

    however, the original get_topic_posts() ends up overwriting that, AFAIK… Any clues..?

    Alternately, I may as well add custom DB Column name something like.. post_moderated (0/1), and just leave the topics’ status as 0 (open), and do some custom filtering everywhere else…

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