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Make forum show at the bottom of posts (that are tagged with corresponding tag)

  • mhairilongmuir


    Hi there,

    I have created a companion website for an ebook, and each chapter has a corresponding page on the website. I have added additional resources (interactions) to the site, and made them show at the bottom of the chapter pages (displaying them by their tags, ie. chapter number and media type).

    What I also need to do, is display the corresponding forum on the post pages. Ie. Every post is tagged with a media type and chapter number, so I need the associated chapter forum to show – so chapter 1 forum on all posts tagged with chapter 1 etc.

    Any help appreciated 🙂

    Thank you

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  • Shmoo


    Have you ever looked into the Advanced Custom Fields plugin?


    If you’re not afraid to touch some WordPress template files this plugin is for you.

    It’s kinda difficult to example what this plugin really does in a short description because it can be used for so many options – Ill give it a try..

    What it does:
    It creates from your dashboard custom relationships between WordPress Post Types.

    For Example:
    You have WooCommerce up and running and when you’re creating blog posts you wished you had some extra option fields below your Categories section. In this option field you wished to had the ability to add X products to this Posts you’re creating.

    This plugin can handle this for you easily..
    You just create a Field Group, call it WooCommerce for example, or whatever you want.
    Set the location where this Field Groep has to show up > Posts and only when Category B is secreted ( for example )
    Add a number of fields to your newly created WooCommerce Field Groep and hit Save.

    After that visit Add New Posts and look underneath your categorie section. You probably won’t see a thing at first but as soon as you select ‘Category B’ this new option field will show up and you can add your Products to this blog posts.


    Only where it becomes a little tricky/bold is when you want to show those products on the frontend of your website. You’ll need to use the Advanced Custom Fields PHP function tags inside your theme template files. Lucky for us, the Advanced Custom Fields website has a great documentation about that. Even beginners can start simple if they are not afraid to edit WordPress Theme template (.php) files.

    Start reading here.. After using this plugin a few times I think you’ll fall in love with this.

    Creating a Field Group

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