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make bbpress work better for big forum

  • AilyRoot


    We have imported 660K posts forum into bbpress, wordpress ‘s backend management for bbpress just works so BAD for any mass move/delete/trash functions

    e.g. , I now want to remove a forum with 56 topics ONLY, I click “trash” on WP’s /wp-admin, it simply HANGS. It is crazily slow and it never ends done… I could not imagine one day when we need to delete forum spammer’s posts, how slow it will be

    I am ware of that there are some mass move/delete plugins, but they are not for bbpresss

    please help on this if you could, thanks !:)

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  • AilyRoot


    well, I am 1000% sure it is bbpress (or wordpress) ‘s codes issue

    Dedicated server
    Intel SSD
    48G ram
    PHP 5.5
    MySQL 5.6

    We were at invisionboard forum system(ZERO issues on this) , with wordpress+bbpress, it hangs even we just try to trash 10 topics….

    reason why I move to wordpress+bbpress? better integration and easier to find someone to help

    Well, for finding the help and responses, I hope you’re not disappointed.
    Please note that WordPress runs best on PHP 5.6 and higher (you seem to use 5.5) :

    – Have you run all the repair tools of bbpress after import to be sure your structure is optimized ?
    – Have you deactivated any not-needed plugin ? Is your theme ready for bbPress ?
    – Are you using any cache mechanism to improve speed where possible ?
    – Did you try to run performance tools like the P3 plugin performance profiler to narrow down the possible slow parts ? Or as starting point ?

    Some further reading:

    Also note that in the upcoming bbPress v2.6 (hopefully before the end of this year), a lot of focus went on possible performance issues.

    Hope it helps,



    well, yes to all and also I do not believe tweak could make “removing 10 topics” works smoothly in bbpress ;p it is “helly” slow, tweaking makes some helps, but you are still in hell

    I am willing to give away access on our dev site that has 600K posts inside for bbpress developer if needed

    thanks for all!

    Well, you seem to have managed to remove 60K already in the mean time.

    I edited my post, not sure it you saw that, but WordPress proposes PHP 5.6 and not 5.5 as you have. Of course all works, but I remember well, the latest bbPress test runs show increased performance on the higher PHP platform.




    em…it is just rough number 660K ~ 600K ,don;t need to be specific, same bad, and I did not manage to manage 60K ;p could NOT even remove 10topics…

    anyway, to be honest, with all due respects, PHP 5.6 will NOT help everyone remove from 10 topics to 100 topics.

    I wish developers, if possible kindly, to contact us, I will let you work on it

    (I think not many people so far yet to use bbpress for big forums)



    I Have a site with about 2 million posts (topic+replies total), have seen errors like theese before.

    Your problem is not with bbpress, but with wordpress in general.

    Turn on your mysql-slow log and see what query is causing the problem.

    Probably you’ll see SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS listed there.



    if so, even WORSE

    are you aware of that WP is working on it yet or not?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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