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Make All Forum Pages Full Width

  • badrobot


    Hi – I am running the Activetab Child Theme with a left side bar. The Pages menu includes an option to make the pages full width with no side bar. How do I do that to Forum pages? There are numerous solutions posted on this none of which work. There seems to be wide spread demand to have full width bbpress forum pages but no easy way to do it. It makes sense not have the forum pages crowed with side bar noise that is required on the main page but nowhere else. The lack of support for this is a serious weakness in the bbpress plugin.

    I have a child theme implemented and have no problem adding bbpress specific overrides to the style sheet if they work and persist after plugin, theme and WordPress upgrades.

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  • Robin W


    The problem is that themes do not use the wordpress template standards – in many cases for good reasons, but bbpress cannot understand every theme.

    I presume you have been here

    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1



    Thanks. I have done that. I guess what I am looking for is some bbPress specific code that I can add to the style sheet in the child theme. There are a number of examples that come up in searches but none have worked in this theme. This particular theme allows for an override of the side bar setting on a page by page basis. There must be some bbPress specific code that could be placed in the child theme style sheet to extend that override to bbPress forum pages.



    I am setting up the bbpress.
    I want to expand the content area of ​​forum to the right green part as in the image.
    Please help me.

    Thank you.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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