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Main Forum Page Not loading

  • Hi, this has only just started happening, hope you can help. If a user is logged in the main forum page loads but if they are not logged in then the forum page is not loading. This is the same as using [bbp-forum-index]. I have tried resetting the permalinks and adjusting the page template but to no avail. It must be some sort of permissions issue. Also users not logged in can browse individual forums fine, it is just the main forum page. Any clues?

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  • As per the banner when creating a new topic, we need some more info please.

    > If asking for help, please include your WordPress version, bbPress> version, and a link to your site.> > If you have a problem while using a non-bundled theme, check if it> happens with TwentyTen or TwentyEleven.

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