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Main Forum not listing sub-forums, just text w/ no links

  • BlinkyBill01


    Ok, I think I ran into a snag.

    My WordPress/BuddyPress site is HEAVILY modded with plugins. I use a RocketTheme theme that runs off of the Gantry Framework along with Gantry-BuddyPress (which allows BuddyPress to be compatible with the RocketTheme and Gantry Framework.)

    The bbPress plugin worked, but only partially. The Forum page set up by bbPress is visible but instead of seeing the “directory” of forums it shows:

    Home › Forums Forum Topics Posts Freshness General Discussion SO? what now? 1 1 26 mins Admin

    It’s all just plain text with no links. But, the forum I made for General Discussion is viewable when I go to the forum page it made.

    For reference, here are the demo page links:

    I still have to edit the .css to match the theme design, but I wanted to find out what was wrong with the default forums page and why it wasn’t showing up correctly.

    Thanks and hope you can help.

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  • I’m not 100% sure, but my guess is that your theme is doing some filtering/modifications to the_content, and the result is stuff looking weid.

    The page that is messed up is an archive page, so I would start there and look through you theme and see what modifications it does to the archive pages.

    The Genesis Framework does something very similar and they are just some things you have to work around.

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