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made the switch

  • I just want to say thank you to the following people who contributed plugins and made my life much easier.

    Thomas Klaiber

    Eduardo Graells

    Michael Adams



    Rich Boakes & Frédéric Petit

    Rhys Wynne

    Francesco Bigiarini

    Well, thats out of the way. :)

    I switched from phpBB3 to bbpress 1.0.2 because I couldn’t stand the huge administration section and the constant spam. In addition I had problems integrating phpbb with wordpress (yes, I tried, wp-united and hated it).

    It took me roughly 2 days to implement the forum and wordpress the way it is now and I converted the data from phpbb to bbpress. Lost a lot of users because they couldn’t convert for whatever reason but I managed to keep all the data.

    Forum Address:

    It still needs work!!

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