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Lost this thing – can anyone help?

  • I saw a bbPress forum somewhere, where the ‘Create New Topic’ and ‘Reply’ sections were not a visible input box, but a link like; ‘Reply ยป’ When you click the link, the input box appears in its place. Does anyone know where it is so I can look at the code? Or is it a plugin? (Can’t find anything like that). Thanks.

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  • Still can’t find the site I saw which did this in a neat way, so tried my own noobydoo version. I copied forum.php to forum-post.php, then replaced the php call which shows the Create New Topic area with; <blah href=”forum-post.php”>Create New Topic</blah>

    I thought that would then load the full (original but renamed) form and show the input area, but it just jumps back to the front page. Do I need to use a bbPress function to load the copied forum-post.php? Stumped!

    Actually u can archive that using JavaScript, CSS and Bbpress action hook. You can use CSS to hide the “Post Form” and make it visible back using JavaScript.

    It kinda like using JavaScript to expand navigation menu. Well that should give you some idea :)

    Ah, I think I’ll have to look at this idea again after some months of learning Javascript, bbPress and more CSS. Thanks for the help though!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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