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lost in template compatibility

  • Hi all. I have successfully implemented BBPress 2.1 on my WP with custom template. Now, I am trying for almost one week to customize the default bbpress theme. Based on the description here I have
    – created the bbpress directory like “wp-content/themes/MYTHEME/bbpress”
    – copied all files from “bbPress/bbp-theme-compat/bbpress/” to the new directory above (I have checked that the all modifications of these files in my theme are visible on the website front end
    – as part of my testing I have moved the root file page-front-forums.php out of /bbpress/extras into the root of my theme

    BUT – no change on the forum front end ( – the system shows the forums as content of page based on the page.php template file (including left and right sidebars), the page-front-forums.php file is ignored. What is wrong?

    BTW, the new forum design here is really great! Could you publish the template files used pls?:-)

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  • John James Jacoby


    Hi Viktora,

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. What theme are you attempting to add bbPress support to?

    Not sure what you are meaning… I have custom WP template written from scratch. And I would like to add bbpress 2.1 template to it. I did what I described above just to see if any result outcomes. I expected to see header-body-footer forum screen (based on my knowledge of template packed in bbp-theme-compat directory). My custom WP template uses header – left sidebar – body – right sidebar – footer. So the difference should be visible (there should not be any sidebars). But I saw just the forum inside my custom theme (with left and right sidebars). In the target design, I would like to have the bbpress designed like here on (with left sidebar).

    My custom WP template looks like this:
    My old bbpress forum (1.1) looks like this: (I would like to have the new bbpress 2.1 designed in this way)
    And here is how the new bbpress 2.1 forum looks like now: (this is not wanted, the “1.1” design is desired but I am not able to theme the default bbpress template in bbp-template-compat root directory



    I’m not sure what the problem is…

    It looks that way because there is not enough room. Topics/Posts/Freshness are being pushed together because you are not giving the forum enough space.

    Or.. are you talking about the design of the new default theme? If that’s the case, I can’t help.

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    Hi Syndicate, the troubles are not things pushed together (will be resolved later by styling). Trouble is that the root template files from /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/extras are ignored moved into wp-content/themes/MYTHEME/. This bahaviour was tested on page-front-forums.php file. Compared to file bbpress-functions.php which is not ignored if moved to wp-content/themes/MYTHEME/. Than, it is not clear to me what to do with directories /css and /js from bbp-theme-compat if I want to use them in my custom theme.

    It looks like this is my solo topic.:-) So I continue contributing. Here is my progress in resolving the isue described above.

    I have created bbpress-extras directory in MYTHEME directory. All files from /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/extras were copied into this directory. Than I edited bbpress-functions.php (copied to MYTHEME directory). Following code looks to be promising

    function bbpress_custom_template() {
    if ( is_bbpress() ) {
    require_once ( 'bbpress-extras/page-front-forums.php');
    add_action('template_redirect', 'bbpress_custom_template');

    This is the result:

    This looks like this is the way how my custom template files can be stopped to be ignored by bbpress. At least the first file I am testing – page-front-forums.php. I will try to make the condition more precize and to create special condition for each template file I want to use.

    Does anybody know, why this approach creates as many forum lists as the number of forum is?? Each forum lists is the same except forum name is different. I would expect there will be only one forum lists without any name.

    I am looking for JJJs answer saying “this is a very poor solution”. I am trying my best. Sorry for that.:-)

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    Hi Viktora,

    I setup bbPress and it worked straight away, there is a slight difference in what I did and what you say you did in your original post and here it is:

    – copied all files from “bbPress/bbp-theme-compat/bbpress/” to the new directory above

    The address I copied across was the whole bbPress/bbp-theme-compat/ not just the bbpress folder.

    Not sure if this helps, but it is worth a go.

    Good luck!

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    Hi all, let me report on my progess.:-) I started with copying the “page-front-forums.php” from /extras to wp-content/MYTHEME directory and this decision was probably wrong. Reason? Other files are working fine in MYTHEME directory so far but page-front-forums.php is not working. I do not know why but I have found that someone had similar issue before: But I do not like the solution presented.

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