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Lost forums Main Index Header after update to 2.6 RC 7

  • deafmetal


    Forum Index (does same thing when using shortcodes), Child Forum, and Topics:
    Lost Header

    After upgrading to 2.6 RC 7, and doing forum repairs, I lost the header, categories and formatting for my forum index and child forums. The topics work just fine still.

    To troubleshoot, I deactivated all plugins, removed bbPress, activated the default 17 theme, and removed my primary theme. If I re-install/activate bbpress, the index and children headers then show up, albeit without the default styling.

    So I reinstalled my theme (which has native bbpress/buddypress support built in), re-activated bbpress, and the headers/categories/formatting disappeared again.

    I wanted to think it was a css issue, but I had re-installed everything fresh. So it appears something corrupted my database, tied specifically to my theme. Any recommendations for how to “fix” the repairs and undo the damage?

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how to fix this without a wholesale home home directory and sql db restoral. But I’d lose WEEKS of edits and css customization. Ughh

    Thank you in advance!!

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