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Lost administrator upon integration with WPMU

  • Hello, I’ve run into this issue twice now upon trying this. I’ve got WPMU installed on a subdomain, added the BuddyPress plugin, and that’s it. Then I go to add my BBPress as a sub-directory to said subdomain and install it just fine, using the same database – set up an administrator account, etc. I log into it, and try to do the integration to WP, add the secret code, add the cookies line to my wp-config.php, tell it to share users, etc. Once I submit that integration page I’m logged out, and I can’t log in any more with the administrator account i made for BBPress, but I can log in with my WP Admin’s account, but here’s the ringer, I no longer have any administrative privileges – so the BBPress install becomes useless. What do you think I am doing wrong, or should be doing otherwise? My goal is to simply have this forum integrated into WPMU/BuddyPress. Any pointers would be appreciated, thank you!

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  • _ck_


    Either the user table really isn’t being shared or your cookie has the wrong part or has been locked to a particular subdomain when it should use the leading dot instead.

    Looks like the user table’s shared, as I can log in with all the various wpmu users into the forum, I just don’t have any admin privileges. I tried walking through the bb-config changes that are on here, looking especially at the cookie information, and I think I have it all right. Only thing I can’t find is the wp auth cookie code information… where should i find that?

    Looks like I got the cookies hammered out after opening up my safari preferences and finding the cookie code in there… So now when I’m logged in in WP it seems to be consistent with the account logged into BBP, except I still have no admin options in BBP. Hrmph. Any ideas?

    this seems to be an issue many have had and still having. Ran into this myself and still haven’t gotten it figured out. I am not actually blocked out of the bbpress site altogether. Not seeing many thoughts on how to fix this issue though which is scary.

    Same issue! Hope this gets noticed by the top-solvers on this forum.



    Likewise – just stepping through the guide located here:

    and now I can’t access my bbpress forum using my admin account.

    Have a similar problem –

    -Tried to integrate my wp site w/ bbpress

    -Could not login as admin to my wp site

    -Removed bbpress integration settings

    -Now able to log into my wp site (whew!)

    Either I did something wrong in the settings (tired it twice with same resultes), or perhaps my challenge is related to this thread.

    I’ll be watching this thread for updates.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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