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Looking for RSS feed for new topics only

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  • anyone?

    Tried various things but still can’t get it. Going to try Y!Pipes see if it’s possible to do it that way, if there’s a simpler way to do it with bbPress please let me know.



    There isn’t one yet that I am aware of.

    It’s no problem, forgot I could use Yahoo! Pipes for the purpose i was after. I’ll post it here in case anyone needs this workaround.

    What I wanted to do was have a selection of forum feeds (not all) which could post to Twitter via RSS. The problem was, it would have ‘reply to:’ posts being fed to Twitter too.

    To solve the issue, I opened up Y!Pipes and messed around.

    I took the RSS feed from each board (4 in total) and added their RSS feeds to the ‘Fetch Feed’ module.

    Then, I added a ‘Sort’ module, and set it to

    Sort by > “item.pubDate” > Descending

    That fed into a Filter module, which I set to block any instance of the term ‘reply to’ in the item.title.

    Saved the pipe, and now there’s an RSS feed of the four boards I need – combined.

    If anyone needs to do similar, it’s possible to do it with single RSS feeds and customise them this way to show only new forum threads. Ideal for posting to Twitter or just as an RSS feed for certain boards on your forum (without the replies appearing too).



    Y!Pipes is not able to filter by ‘reply to’ post, could you help me please? The forum rss url is

    Thanks for your great support

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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