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Looking for collaborators for a Rails adapter

  • I’ve started a project to allow people to integrate apps like bbPress into existing Rails applications. From the README:

    The Integration API is an Open Source project with the goal of making

    it easy to integrate an existing Rails application with any number of

    off-the-shelf apps, such as WordPress, Beast, PunBB, or Vanilla. The

    focus is on enabling transparent single sign-on between the


    The basic idea

    The key idea is to add a web services API into the existing Rails

    application, which allows one or more 3rd party apps to get the

    information they need, when they need it. The API should be

    configurable enough and general enough so that it can be added to any Rails app without modification. The Rails app stays in control of all sign-in and sign-out functions.

    …so, the idea is to write a plugin for bbPress that works something like WordPress’s LDAP plugin. But I’m not a big bbPress coder … anybody interested in helping with this?

    Project page:

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