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Looking for BBpress expert to skype with

  • Thomas_k


    Hello everyone,

    I have a lot BBpress related questions that i can’t find a good answer to. Is there someone that has some good experience in customizing and setting up BBpress who has Skype and is willing to help me trough Skype?

    The answers i am looking for are related to these subjects.

    *When user account is created, user logs in but when button log in is clicked, page refreshes and doesn’t show logged in account information. The same screen as when not logged in.

    *When the user finally gets logged in there is a wordpress menu on top, how to delete this? (atleast on mobile we’ve seen it)

    *We want a different page for the user that already has an account or for the new users that aren’t already logged in (forum page).

    *BBpress sidebar is not showing up, tried many different things. Adding code manually, installed plugins etc. Only the main theme sidebar is showing.

    *Breadcrumb path is displaying forums twice. We did some php code to hide the homepage but don’t know how to hide these double words.

    Help would be really appreciated. If there is no way around i am willing to pay a small fee.


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  • coffeywebdev


    If you would be willing be compensate me for my time (if I proved to be helpful), then I would be happy to help!

    You can skype me at coffey.j.anthony, I am almost always available and I have 2-3 years of bbPress dev experience.



    Coffeywebdev, thanks for taking the time to skype with me and helping me out. You are a great guy that really deserves to get paid alot for what you do.

    Thanks again.



    Mr Coffeywebdev helped me again, all for free. Amazing guy to have a laugh with to.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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