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Looking for an "application" plugin

  • Looking around at various BB options for my wordpress site. The main feature i will be needing is an “application” page. Where a user(with or without an account, prefer with) can fill in various fields and then when they submit this, it will get posted to a certain forum with all their answers, where the proper people can discuss the application and voice their opinion to approve to deny it. In essence a way for people to apply to the forums/site. like a job application posted to the forums, and managers can discuss the application.

    Its important that it is a page that gets posted to the forums, and it needs to have custom fields.

    It can either be a custom user sign up page, where it submits the new user request to the forums, or something separate after the user signs up an account.

    anything like this exist for bbpress?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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