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  • synapticriot


    I’m working on the design for a web-site (e-zine) that will be use bbPress as it’s forum software somewhere later in time when we have enough members to warrant one. We will be having circular sticker-like buttons on the main page leading to the WordPress blog, Facebook fan-page, Twitter account and the bbPress forums. Is there anyway I can get an official vector that I’ll be licensed to use to design the sticker?

    I can illustrate my own but I’m not completely sure whether that would be violating any of Automattic’s rights. :

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  • Mark Waterous


    I know WordPress has a page full of ‘em that you can use here:

    Not so sure if bbpress has put up such a page or not though. They don’t seem to have a similar page yet, but the team at Automattic are usually pretty damn cool about things like that (if you wanted to pull one from somewhere in the public domain), so long as you make it plain that you’re not a subsidiary.

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