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Login Widget redirects to dashboard

  • jmessick


    I have the bbPress Login Widget on my forum page, but when a user logs in it takes them to the dashboard. I want them to stay on the forum page. Also, logging out takes the user to a generic WP login page, and logging in from that also takes the user to the dashboard. Is there any way to keep the user on the page the log in or log out from? Thanks.

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  • Robin W


    use the bbpress logon widget in a sidebar on your forum page, and it’ll stay on the forums.

    edit : sorry just read your entry again, and that’s exactly what you are doing !

    I disable dashboard for all my users – untick “show toolbar when visiting site”

    If they logout using the widget (which is their only option if they don’t have toolbar), then they don’t get the WordPress login page.

    You can customose the generic login form if you want to keep it see



    I ‘think’ I tried that but will give it another test and report the results.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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