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Login successful then 404

  • Might of been answered before but I cant seem to find it on the boards. I apologize if this is common, I might of not used the best wording.

    I installed bbPress on a test wordpress running 3.2.1 (or most current). Installed just fine and I proceeded to test it from a users perspective. I added a login and register links and pages, work just fine. However when I login or register, the function will login or create a user but the new URL causes a 404.

    I’m using XAMPP on my personal machine and the directory of my wordpress install is


    That works just fine as it should. However the URL that returns on successful login or registration displays as :


    which obviously throws a 404 as it’s non existant.

    I had a phpbb install in the wordpress folder before I installed bbPress and believe I might of changed the folder path on install. I tried deleting bbPress to reinstall but it just gives me an activate/deactivate/delete option.

    I’m assuming there’s somewhere in the plugin I can change that root folder pathing or whatever configuration is causing this error but I’m unsure of what and where.

    Any help is appreciated.

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