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Login frustration at

  • Just a suggestion to clarify the login options for

    Upon registration, my username was taken. Figuring I had forgotten I had already registered, I requested a password reset email. Sure enough, I received such an email from including a password reset link. Following the link, I was told that I may not change my password.

    Now I’m stuck with no way to submit for any assistance. I tracked down the most active user here to his page, which indicates I can login with my account, which works (same username).

    So, I try my luck with my account at, and here I am. Single-signon with is fine… but not clear to new visitors (reflects poorly on the state of bbPress as a first impression).

    Please understand, I’m not trying to be critical, and I like what I’m seeing from bbPress. I’m just giving this use-case to help improve the experience. Best wishes.

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