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login-form.php template doesn’t work

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  • > styling the login doesn’t work

    Can you be more precise? What do you want to do, what have you tried, how precisely has it failed?

    Do you mean the “You must log in to post.”? That should be translatable, but otherwise as far as I know it’s stuck in core files.

    I can’t change the login styling by editing the template file, I have to change the bb-login.php.

    I wanted to NEVER allow going to bb-login.php but instead have a login box where it now has a log in link.

    If when I put my WP log in form into bb-login.php and when that redirects to wp-login.php but shows a 404 (when the file is there), should I go to WordPress MU forums to ask for help?


    OK It also happens when I put bb-login.php into the code instead of wp-login.php, but I’m sure it’s still a WP/MU thing.

    Putting my WP login box on the sidebar of the main page of the forum works however, so what I really need is to be able to change the log in message at the bottom of those pages.

    It works now to style login.php in my template folder, NOT login-form.php, but I swear it didn’t work before. I had put the same code in both of those template files. Weird.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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