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Login doesn't work

  • rlitts


    I posted about this issue that I had a couple of weeks ago without any resolution. So I thought I would start at the beginning. I installed a fresh copy of WordPress (3.8.1) with the default themes on a newly created directory. Second I installed BBpress (2.5.3) and kept all the default settings. Upon completion I added the BBpress login widget and tested the login function. When I do this it hangs up on /wp-login.php page with nothing but a single period on the page.

    Is anyone else having this same issue? I need help!!!!

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  • Robin W


    try typing your url followed by wp-login.php into the address bar


    and then login and then logout

    Then try the widget again

    I have had similar issues on occasions, and to me it seems like wp-login gets itself confused as to whether you’re logged in or not. This seems to reset it.

    Come back if that doesn’t work

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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