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  • Ced


    Hello everybody 🙂 !

    I have a few questions regarding to how bbPress handles the login/register side and the admin access too.

    I’ve just installed bbPress. Right now, There is a Sign Up page and a Sign In page. When people enter wrong credentials, they are redirected to wp-login. If they enter good credentials, they are redirected to the WordPress admin, or they can have access to the WordPress admin.

    Here is what I want / don’t want :
    – When users enter wrong informations on sign in / sign up page, I want them to stay on the same page. The errors have to be displayed on that page.
    – Users will edit their profile directly in the front end.
    – People who are not admin can’t access WP admin at all.

    How can I do all that things ?

    Thank you very much,

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