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Logging out redirects to wrong page

  • I am really impressed with BBPress so far however I’ve uncovered an annoying little problem that I just can’t fix.

    Whenever I log out of either BBPress or WordPress I get redirected to a subdirectory on level down. My install is currently in a subdirectory while it’s being developed but the log out adds another subdirectory of the same name.

    An example would be

    and when i log out i redirect to

    If I deactivate BBPress this no longer happens so I know it’s something in the plugin. Can anyone help please?


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  • I am having similar trouble. On WordPress log out I do not get directed to the Login Out/In page but to another page on my site altogether.

    I have also deactivated all plugins one by one to come to the conclusion that it is BBPress plugin. As soon as this was deactivated the log out process returned to normal.

    Awaiting to hear of reply to natproff, thanks for help in advance.



    I too have similar issues and started using Peter’s Login Redirect plugin to remedy the situation until I can find the problem and fix it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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