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Log in / Log out issue

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  • chrishajer


    That used to happen here depending on which login box you used. I think it still does. You get a message in Firefox along the lines of “This page is redirecting in a way that will never resolve”.

    Discussion long ago about this very problem:

    I think since then, I’ve learned second hand that this does not work because referers are blocked by the browser or personal firewall. If referers were enabled, I don’t think it would happen. Maybe that’s why IE acts differently than FF. See this recent discussion:

    The odd thing is, the firefox browser i am using that gives me this issue only does it when i am viewing the forum on the Mac OS X server…

    The same browser works fine, logging in and out, when i am viewing the forum on the RHEL5 server….

    <~ Is an idiot

    The redirect fix worked…..

    Why it only gave issues on the mac side is still a mystery to me… but the login works as needed so who cares.

    Same issue happens with log out… happen to know which template page that would be? I am assuming i could probably use the same code snippet on that template page??

    Thanks for your help chrishajer!

    Hrm maybe it is the one labeled logged-in.php… DOH

    Not being a form, this doesn’t seem to work for logging out.

    Oh well, i can live with that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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