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local path override for config.php?

  • _ck_


    Is there a way via config.php or similar to override the local path? I thought it was BBPATH but I tried forcing that to something different and it’s not working, it’s still looking at the old path for the templates?

    UPDATE: ah, I see the problem now. Even if you are using the default template, if you have changed your template and then changed it back to default, bbpress rememebers it as a custom template selection, not the default

    so in template-functions.php ~line 17

    if ( file_exists( bb_get_active_theme_folder() . $file) ) {

    it thinks there is a custom theme and tries to load it’s known path stored in the db, rather than looking at BBPATH

    For now I just deleted “bb_active_theme” from the topic meta table and it reverted to the default path off BBPATH, yay!

    A minor bug I can put into trac.

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