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Local Installation, Can’t Activate Plugins

  • I’m working with a local fresh install of bbpress and I can’t activate any plugins. (Whenever I click Activate, it says “Are you sure you want to do this?” and seems to be adding an extra backslash in the URL whenever I click YES). If I manually put the URL to activate into the browser without the extra backslash, bbpress spits out a fatal error and doesn’t activate the plugin. I’ve got bbpress working on my web server with all of the plugins, so it’s a problem with the local installation.

    The local server is Apache and my config.php looks like this:

    $bb->uri = ‘http://localhost/cindyfish’;

    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    (database is working fine, I can click all links in the forum)

    I tried changing the uri to just http://localhost/, but then I can’t access the admin panel.

    The only edit I made to the core was to modify:

    $activetheme = bb_get_option(‘bb_active_theme’);


    $activetheme = stripslashes(bb_get_option(‘bb_active_theme’));

    as instructed in this post:

    …so I could get my custom theme recognized.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Actually, I CAN activate plugins if I manually paste the URL into the browser and remove the extra backslashes; it failed on the path to url plugin by nanome (… would be nice tho to create a hack that could fix this for local installations on Windows

    EDIT2: Okay, it also seems that bbpress adds the extra backslash only if the plugins are in individual folders. For plugins that sit just in the my-plugins folder, the local installation can activate them fine. Otherwise they have to be linked manually.

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