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local computer installation

  • Hi, everyone. is it possible to install BBPress to my own computer? if it is, what do i need to do?

    thanks a lot. it would really be a great help. :)

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  • You can install bbPress on your local computer as long as you have a system that supports the minimum requirements for install. There are packages out there that have all the components.


    well it meets all the requirements… what about in the config file? what shall i write to “$bb->domain” and “$bb->path”? i have a folder in my localhost called “testfolder”, and i want to install BBPress inside this folder so the path of my BBPress must be http://localhost/testfolder/forums? is this possible?




    Yes :D



    I meet all requirements in Localhost…

    I make a login with my user, and them appear the Admin Screen of bbPress….

    the problem is… when I click in any link in the admin, the follow erro appear:

    “Not Found

    The requested URL /forum/bb-admin/content.php was not found on this server.”

    but I see !!! the FILE it’s in my localhost in the place that should be !

    so, why this error ?


    In response to the original post by Chenchen you said there are packages out there that meet the minimum requirements. Three questions:

    1. Where (please provide source and name)?

    2. Do they contain apache, php and mysql?

    3. Do they have a mechanism for installing all three components?

    Plus a comment that applies to both WP and bb. Moodle, the open source Course Management System ( has put together a package that contains all components needed for a Windows localhost installation. The only problem is that it is semi-manual. It would be nice if they would develop an installer that uses, for example, InstallShield, and makes the process automatic. It would be very welcome and helpful if WordPress would do the same for WP and bb and include both packages in the installer with checkboxes to select to install one or the other or both (under a Custom Install option).

    BTW will anyone at WordPress see this?

    If you have a local computer with windows or a Mac, you can always have the install of WAMP or an install that is similar. Do a search for apache, php and mySQL local windows install in google and you will find that there are many packages out there that can run them on your local computer instead of IIS. Packages like WAMP have all the packages together and a walkthrough on getting them all installed.

    As for bbPress and WordPress installation together, I am involved with WP as well and can for sure tell you that they will never be packaged together for a single install unless someone makes their own release of the 2 packages together, but will not happen from Automattic because they are run completely seperate.

    Does that help?


    Interesting Trent; do you also have any knowledge or personal speculation on tighter integration re. topics/blogposts and replies/comments?

    Just through plugins I think. I know mdawaffe is using more wordpress functions in bbPress and maybe there might be more things that would be considered tighter integration. The bbPress-Post plugin already has the comments of WP controlled by bbPress, so that is why I speculate that it will be done through plugins.


    The bbPress post plugin? The one that makes a new topic for every blogpost? That also integrates comments/replies?! How? I’ve got that plugin and I’d love it if I could figure out how to do it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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