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Listing forums / calling functions outside forum directory

  • I’m trying to understand if/how it is possible to call BuddyPress functions outside the forum (in a regular WP page). The Codex isn’t of much help…

    I am trying to create a latest topics list and a forums list on regular WP pages (home.php, index.php), etc.

    Thanks for the help !

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  • After some query, function and class debugging, I now realize that bbpress runs on post_types and a heavily modified wp_query calls and a bunch of (largely undocumented) functions and classes. Most of the magic happens in a Loop that is different depending on what you want to show.

    Looking at the widgets calls has been tremendously helpful in successfully achieving what I wanted to do.

    I managed to find a function/class list with comments at that was also very helpful.

    I leave this for reference to others, hope it can help someone else.

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