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list of unread posts

  • Hi,

    I dream of a mod which would show the list of the unread messages by comparing the user’s meta_value of meta_key “last_online” with post_time of every post.

    Anyone has already made this?

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  • fel64 and henrybb made plugins like this… then _ck_ improved on them with this:

    I was tested this plugin but it does not make what I want. I want to show a list and not to mark forums or topics or posts.

    In fact, I would like to add a view in footer.php but I do not know how to make.

    <?php if ( bb_is_user_logged_in() ) : ?><br />
    <div id="viewdiv" class="widget"><!--Accès direct --><br />
    <h2><?php _e('Views'); ?></h2><br />
    <ul id="views"><br />
    <li class="view"><a href="#">Messages non lus</a><br />
    <?php foreach ( bb_get_views() as $the_view => $title ) : ?><br />
    <li class="view"><a>"><?php view_name( $the_view ); ?></a><br />
    <?php endforeach; ?> </p>
    <p> </div><br />
    <?php endif; // bb_is_user_logged_in() ?>

    Since-last-visit displays all new posts since user’s last visit as view.

    How could they changed so that display is manually triggered off, ie by adding a view?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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