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list of ridiculous requests

  • snowtone


    Hey, I work for a dental academy, here’s the site:

    They want to add a forum, but they have a ridiculous list of requests. Could anyone help me with these, or point me to someone who could? Thank you all very much.

    1. All users are automatically opted in to receive and email anytime anyone posts anything to the forum. (nightmare, I know)

    2. At new user registration they want a a box that says “I agree to receive updates from the community forum” ……etc. That box is CHECKED and they have to uncheck it if they don’t want to opt in to the entire forum.

    3. Have threads list under their profile page to opt out of specific forum threads.

    4. Remove the opt in buttons from the top of each thread. They want a universal opt in and a categorized opt out.

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  • John James Jacoby


    My short answer is to turn off bbPress’s built in per-topic notifications, and build your own.

    Since it’s a blanket on/off for each user, save a usermeta option whether or not they’ve opted in; save this when they create their account. There are plenty of actions and filters in the default profile templates that will allow you to intercept the input/output process, so adding an additional field is not too difficult, though not exactly easy either (lots of touch points.)

    In all, this could be built as a completely self-contained plugin, and released to the community. I’d be surprised if someone isn’t already trying to build the same thing.



    Hey! Would you mind deleting this thread? I believe it’s coming up in google searches of my client.

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