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List of plugins working with 1.0 Alpha

  • I thought it might be helpful; I tried the following popular plugins with the latest release of bbPress and they seem to work perfectly:

    – bb-smilies

    – bbcode-buttons

    – mini-track

    – my-views

    – post-count-plus (with some minor changes)

    – support-forum

    – bb-reputation (to some extent)

    – bb-signatures

    – bb-topic-views

    – bbcode-lite

    – hidden-forums

    – report-post

    – unread-posts

    what is missing most is the working plugin for quotes…

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  • Hello,

    I would add to the list :

    Admin Can Post Anything 0.5

    Ajaxed Quote (very last 1.0 release)

    bbPress Attachments 0.1.11

    bbPress Sitemap Generator 0.61

    Google Analitycs 0.1

    2 more working plugins:

    – human-test

    – temporary-ban



    Some of mine that you have posted have only been fixed for 1.0 alpha in the past 24-48 hours (like Hidden Forums). Make sure you double check your version numbers.

    What changes did you have to do to Post-Count-Plus?

    It should have been fixed with the newest version.

    I just posted 0.0.3 of reputation which should work now.

    I’ll look at the quotes plugin.

    changes I made were related to the info being repeated twice and I was messing with the code to get the graphic bar working

    I somehow worked out the first problem and the latest version of Karma plugin (0.0.5) solved the second problem so now everything is working perfectly

    thank you for the update of the plugin and quick response

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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