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List of filters/actions?

  • I’m already familiar with writing plugins for WordPress but now I’m interested in writing a few plugins for bbPress. I’m trying to find a list of hooks/actions so I can get a better feel for what I have control over without altering the core files. Does such a thing exist? If not which php files should I be going through to find hooks/actions or are they all in different files?


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  • _ck_


    There’s no official documentation or codex yet.

    A few people have done phpxref for bbpress but I find that kind of output fairly useless.

    If you have access to linux shell you can do a grep to get a function list in the template include like so (or install the grep for windows)

    grep -oe ^function.*) bb-includes/template-functions.php | sort > functions.txt

    modifying that you can also get the filters/actions

    grep -oe apply_.*) bb-includes/template-functions.php | sort > filters.txt

    grep -oe do_.*) bb-includes/template-functions.php | sort > actions.txt

    If you use the grep for windows, leave out the escapes (backslashes) or it won’t work.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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