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Linking to your bbpress Forum from a WordPress page

  • I realize this is a total noob question, and yet I’m not sure what the answer is.

    Basically, I’d like to have a wordpress page, “Forum,” link directly to the bbpress forum.

    Apparently, just setting up a page called “forum” doesn’t cut it.

    What is the proper protocol?

    The forum is set up here:


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  • lindsaymcghee


    Was this ever solved? I am having the same problem.


    I have tried making the permalink forum and forums. I think it registers with forums but no topics are showing up.


    Nope.. pure silence



    I figured it out…

    Don’t create a page. The files are set up through the WordPress hierarchy system using permalinks. Without changing the settings in the BBPress system, your forum will be placed at forums/forum/title where title is the title of the first forum you create.

    If you need to get it in your menu system use menus and create a custom link to the correct permalink location.

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks Lindsay

    How do you create a custom link to a permalink location?



    Your theme first of all has to have custom menus as an option such that you can create pages and they won’t all publish to your top menu. There is a custom link section in the menu sections of those themes that have custom menus activated. The theme you are currently using is 2011 I believe and it doesn’t have custom menus installed.

    If you are lost google it… there are a lot of tutorials out there.

    Thanks bunches!

    It worked! The theme 2011 does actually support what you’re talking about.

    You DO need to choose a custom menu – at first I tried it without selecting a custom menu. That does not work.

    But if you select a custom menu, then paste in the URL under custom links on the left hand side of the Menus page, and give your page a name – then it becomes a direct link from the main page.

    Thanks Lindsay!



    We’ve done a little tutorial video to show how you can setup either a BuddyPress Group Forum, a SiteWide bbPress 2.0 Forum, or a custom hybrid forum page using shortcodes. You can have all three at one time. Hope this helps ;-)





    Go into wp-admin>settings>forums. You can set the slug there for the different levels within the forum and then create a custom menu link to that slug. By default the root slug for bbPress 2.2 is …In case anyone runs across this forum…

    Adriano G. V. Esposito


    For some reason does not work for me. Works

    What am I missing?

    @LabSecrets I like your video help format. Did you create or purchase the video intros? I started out creating buddypress group forums and I now want to change those to sitewide. I don’t see any way that I can do that in WP Admin.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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