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Link to User’s Group’s Forums

  • rda5009



    I am on WP version 4.5.2 and am trying to create a way to link directly to the user’s group’s forums. I am using Buddypress for the groups. Ideally, I would like the navigation menu to update with their group forum. For instance, if the user is a group member of Car Club, on the navigation menu you would see Forums>Car Club Forum, where Car Club Forum is the forum associated with the Car Club group.

    Is there any way to dynamically pull the user’s group’s and then display all of the forums associated with those groups in the menu as a dropdown? I’m at a loss as to where I can even start to wrap my head around this!


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  • cbeckley


    I am wondering the answer to a similar question. I’d like to show a list of the topics in a forum that is only part of the user’s group.

    I know this is rather old, but if anyone can still help with this, please let me know. Thanks!

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