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"Link to existing content" reveals private pages

  • wesleyjohns24


    The dialog in bbPress for inserting a link into a post by default shows a search box and a list of existing content on the site.

    I am using WooCommerce on the same WordPress installation as bbPress. The problem is that WooCommerce coupons use Pages. This means all of my coupons (often ones that are created for specific people or specific purposes) can be publicly displayed in this list.

    I’ve edited my css to display: none; this section, but I’m not satisfied with this solution as it is still possible for someone to change the css and view these pages.

    Is there a way I can disable this feature? How might I go about modifying the code to remove it?

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  • Lynqoid


    I’m not 100% on what is happening without seeing a site link, if you can find out where the coupons are being rendered then you could wrap them in if(!is_bbpress()) { }

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