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Link question

  • Bryan Eggers


    I’m also a new user and trying to resolve some issues with an installation using the Frisco theme.  I have the theme set to default to the Forum page which is this link (I’m still in Maintenance mode but hopefully you’ll know the answer anyway):

    The list of Forumsworks fine.  When I click on a specific forum, the breadcrumb link looks like this:

    Forums › Forums › General Wrestling Discussion

    The question is, why two “Forums”?  The first one links to the default home page and works fine.

    The second one leads to:

    which is a blank page. How can I get rid of that second “Forum”? Thanks!

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  • Sounds like your theme has its own bread crumbs function. I would suggest you either disable it via an option in the theme (if it has one), or you edit the theme template files to remove the bread crumbs from the forum page.

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