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Line return not working

  • I’m unable to get a big space between sentences when I post in my forums. What I mean is, when I’m posting and I hit the return key twice, it’s as if I’d only hit it twice.

    I’m not getting this space here ^. So when I’m trying to post two paragraphs, it just looks like one large paragraph. Does that make sense?

    Edit: oops sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum.

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  • I guess “line breaks” is the correct term that applies to the problem I’m having.

    It does make sense. I just have no better advice than to suggest you re-upload all your files, or upgrade to a pre-release version, in the hope that that fixes it.

    Sam Bauers


    It could be browser/platform specific. i.e. which type of line-break it sends to the server.

    But it works here in this forum.

    Do you have any guess as to which files I should replace? I’d rather not upload and replace all my files if I don’t have to.

    Sam Bauers


    Do you have any plugins installed? If so, turn them off first and see what happens.

    I’ll try that. I wish it were easier to turn on/off plugins. I have to delete the plugin folder and also the files associated with them elsewhere. Some other files… mostly template files.. have been modified with some of the plugins.

    BB Press needs a plugin system like WordPress where they can be turned on/off from the Admin area.

    The plugin system is actually now implemented in the TRAC version of bbPress and will be available in the upcoming 1.0 version (and no, I don’t know when that is for sure! ;)


    I figured it out, thanks. It was the P tag in my CSS. Somehow it got set to 0em instead of 1em.

    Hi, 850

    I got the same problem, but I can not find P tag in my CSS file, could you tell me more details how you fixed it? thanks!

    okay, I fixed it already, just add the following in css

    p { margin-bottom: 1.0em; }

    I must happened to delete this line before.

    You might find that it makes your designing easier if you use

    p + p {
    margin-top: 1em; }

    That’ll add a 1em margin to the top of every p immediately following another p. I find that helpful because then it’s easier to style the blockquotes and such without having to account for the p around it.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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