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limited functions

  • hello everyone

    the bbpress is great and simple i love it thanks for developing it.

    i installed and it works well.

    i wanted to have an option in admin like i create 3 or 4 user as moderator or administrators and only those peoples have rights to answer the forum questions all other new users can register just to ask questions but they cannot post the answers.

    is it possible any how ?

    sorry for my english


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  • I think it’s possible using a cleverly-written plugin that will kill the postform to reply to a thread if you’re not a mod or admin. It hasn’t been done, though, so you’d need to make it yourself.

    To make mods or admin, the best thing is to let people register and then go to their Profile > Edit and change their role to mod or admin. :)

    thanks fel64

    the programming is really something i cant do is anybody want to make that kind of plugin well written and working i will offer some money.

    please let me know before working on that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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