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limit access to special forums for user groups

  • ps3hero


    bbpress: 2.3.2
    wordpress: 3.6
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    what i need:
    wordpress has 6 user groups, thats nice, but i nedd 3 additional user groups:

    – Forum User A
    – Forum User B
    – Forum User C

    i have 3 Forums (you guess it: “forum A (bananas)”, “forum B (Apples)” and “forum C (Peaches)”.
    i create all users and send them their access per mail.

    i want to add these users to one of these groups, some to two of these groups and some to all groups. if a user in in group “Forum A” he can only access “forum a (bananas). means that the users can only access the forums i allow them.

    is there a way to do this?

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  • Sam Rohn


    this is a major missing piece of the bbpress puzzle, restrict specific forum access to a specific user role

    best solution i’ve seen so far is here –

    also search through the tags i added to this topic for other solutions

    hopefully we will see better access permission control in bbpress someday, but it does not seem to even be on the dev roadmap at this point 🙁




    thanks. now i found a plugin that does all i want (“role scoper”: you can create groups, give these groups their permissions (pages, articles, forums, custom post types …) and than add the users to this groups. awesome.



    Hey @ps3hero

    How did you go with that role scoper setup?

    I have been testing it on localhost to see if i can make this happen sensibly and make it play nice with a membership plugin so that I can create subscriptions to different levels and I am a bit lost.

    Did you write up anything about this at all you could share?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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