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Let’s collaborate on

  • I have kept reading this forums for about a month. I saw many similar processes of solving the same problem.

    Not long ago, I asked Sam Bauers a question about on IRC:

    <livibetter> can we (users) expand it? like FAQ, troubleshooting, theme modifications?
    <livibetter> there are many questions asked again and again on forums. If we can systematically organize a collection of these, then may be easily to give a solution for their questions.
    <sambauers> Yeah, go ahead.
    <sambauers> It is a wiki after all :)
    <sambauers> Although it was focused on being a developers resource.
    <livibetter> Thanks! I will post a post for this, and hope many other user will do the same thing.
    <sambauers> If you wanted to look at the actual documentation
    <sambauers> you are welcome to suggest additions and edits of the pages there
    <livibetter> I see
    <sambauers> It makes more sense to compile FAQs there for instance
    <sambauers> And installation/integration notes
    <sambauers> Which will soon need updating anyway
    <livibetter> means 0.8.4 coming soon?
    <sambauers> Probably not until WordPress 2.4

    If we can collect and organize these solutions well, we can be more easier to help. I did a small change on the main page, not really start to write something. I took a while to write those new entries, it’s harder than I can imagine. I can’t make them systematic. And that’s still not good, but collaboration can correct mistakes and build a great stuff.

    So, Let’s collaborate!

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  • Sam Bauers


    I was actually suggesting that the user-level stuff stay off there and be concentrated in the documentation here on

    But if people are keen about writing docs then perhaps bbPulp can be a sandbox for that and when content matures it can be pulled across here to the “official” documentation.



    I think there should be a new release before 0.8.4 that fixes all the stuff that was messed up with db-mysqli.php and the usernames with spaces or special characters in them. Call it whatever you want, but I don’t think those fixes should wait until 0.8.4. Just look through this forum for the number of people who have had database problems. Having a release or at least posting a sticky on how to get revision 980 seems like the right thing to do. Right now 0.8.3 is broken for a lot of people. It makes bbPress look bad.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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