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Learning curve?

  • robbytherobot


    Hello, sorry first of all I am not a full on developer so forgive any basic questions, I have only just considered using bbpress for a forum I want to setup, I am familiar with WordPress and working with various plugins, can modify basic code etc when I need to, however it’s not my main job. I’ve installed bbpress and am looking at getting a theme to work well with it. Am willing to pay for a pro theme that is simple for users, nothing that special is required.

    I just want to ask how hard is it as a fairly competent end user with some technical know how to set up a basic bbpress site, add a fairly functional user friendly theme, and get a forum up and running? It’s not, it might have max 100 users, closed/private forum.

    I had assumed like most plugins bbpress would work fairly well “out of the box” and adding a template and maybe a few additional plugins to improve functionality would not be a big deal.

    However I’ve just been quoted $2500 by a developer to do the above, to say my jaw hit the floor would be an understatement! Is bbpress THAT hard to implement that I need to pay mega bucks to get something simple up and running with it?? 🙁

    PS the only reason I considered paying someone was to get it done in a few days rather than a few weeks as I have my main work to be getting on with as well… Otherwise I’d sit down and work through it step by step usually!

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  • Robin W


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    Thanks I will bear your link in mind as I do have some WordPress projects on the go and could do with help at times for reasonable cost or maybe there are things I can help with (decent copywriter and editor!)

    Amazing how one bad advice can change everything – based on this $2500 quote I’ve decided to ditch wordpress/bbpress for the project and go for one click install of Vanilla and save myself $2500 to setup a forum lol.

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