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Latin characters in slugs

  • I’m greek and I have a WordPress blog in greek running bbpress RC4.

    The problem with using greek in your blog is the use of non-latin characters in the titles of the posts. This leads to the creation of slugs with non-latin characters and consequently pretty-permalinks with non-latin characters. That -of course- is a problem because URLs look nice in the address bar of your browser i.e.πάρα-πολύ-καλά-νέα-αυτό/

    but when you copy the URL to paste it somewhere else -in an email for example-, the same URL becomes:

    To resolve this problem, greek blog owners can use the plugin Greeklish-Permalings (from the words Greek & English). This plugin adds a filter on the sanitize_title function of WordPress with a new function that converts every non-latin character to a similar latin. For example, the greek alpha character “α” becomes the latin alpha character “a” and so on. So when someone creates a new post, and wordpress tries to create a slug automatically, sanitize-title is called, which is hooked to the plugin, and so a slug with only latin characters is created, even if there are non-latin characters in the title.

    You can see the code of this very small plugin on my dropbox:

    The problem is that the plugin does not work with bbpress titles. If a forum or topic title contains greek (non-latin) characters, they are not converted to latin even if the plugin is enabled. Does someone know why is this happening?

    Doesn’t bbpress call the sanitize_title function? Do not plugin function filters work for custom post types?

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  • I have same problem!


    For some reason, when I got the email notification for your reply on my original post, it included your post with a solution! Now your post only shows “I have the same problem”.

    The solution was:

    “I have same problem, but a have solved it.

    This problem is when you create or edit a post, bbpress not call sanitize_title function, it only call trim and stripslashes function.

    You can change it to sanitize_title function in bb-post.php and bb-edit.php and use your plugin.

    Hope this help!”

    Did you edit your post to remove this solution because it’s not working or something else happened?

    Alex Seidanis


    Did you ever manage to make this work?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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