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Latest posts don’t show up in threads

  • My bbpress is exclusively for only authors who write on the attached WP Blog. Recently I found that on the home page of my bbpress, I can see latest posts in threads… which when I click on – go to the thread of the lastest post – scroll down – the latest post isn’t there. I check Akismet filter and the post is not there either.

    I don’t use blocking or bozos for authors. Could someone advise what could be going wrong and how can I rectify them.

    On a seperate note, how can I turn Akismet for bbPress off?

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  • oops… sorry forgot to mention version… I’m using 0.8.1 integrated with WP 2.1

    Strange….could you give me a URL to see this problem in action? Maybe create me as a user if you confine bbPress registration to your WP or give me the URL of your forum? I might be able to test this and see if we can fix it.


    Oh….akismet is in the config.php and it shouldn’t have a number in there, but be false. If the posts are not showing up in Akismet, then they are most likely not being stopped by it… are using the plugin for WP to show the lastest bbPress topics then?


    trent, sorry was away. no I’m keeping wp and bbpress seperate except for the user integration plugin. I’ll create a user for you and send it to you right away.

    Trent, the problem url is here:

    if you check this thread and go back to the home page you will see that there is a discrepancy between the actual thread and on the home page w.r.t. what is the most recent post in the thread.

    you’ll have to log in to access the site. where I can email you your username and password.

    trent dot adams at gmail dot com


    Looking at it quickly, you must be using the force login plugin. Try disabling it and find out if it is somehow stopping the posts from showing up. This will involve just taking it out of the /my-plugins/ directory for the quick test and then clearing the cache of the plugin in WP (if it caches anything) and your browser cache. Something smells funny and I would imagine that could be the problem as it doesn’t even allow an RSS feed to show up.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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