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last post on top?

  • Probably too deep of a change to do however…

    …if the last post in a topic could be added to the top of the list each time it would be so much simpler IMO.

    Imagine if you could just see the first line of each post and the newest was on top….

    you could scan thru many posts and then click on the ones that you want to see the whole post…

    I’m wanting to host a penny stock forum. Members will not want to read every post nor will they go for a forum on a stock with 50 topics going on…I have it set up now where there’s just one forum with each symbol as a topic and did away with the “start new topic” every other post! …well I’m able to try and build my thanks to the help received here. Thanks again y’all…..

    (maybe a configuration where each post would be a new topic with no replies??)

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