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  • neotoxic



    I am loving bbPress.. I am so impressed with it.

    I have set up a private forum for a project team I run. I installed bbPress and two or three plug-ins later I had almost everything I wanted. It looks and works great.

    The only thing I am missing right now is the ability to see a list of users, when the last logged in and there Custom Title. This information would be really handy so that I can see if people aren’t’ checking the forum regularly, and find out if there is a problem. If not the complete lest then perhaps the plug-in could list people who have not logged in for a defined amount of time 1 day, 30days or something.

    I have had a look around the extend section on the site, and didn’t find anything that looks like it could do this. Also looking at the tables I see that last login time is not stored (unless this is meta data).

    Thoughts and advice comments or offers of help very welcome.

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  • _ck_


    Hey I made this today just for you ;-)

    (well, I’ve been meaning to make it since my Mini-Track is broken)

    I’ll make some custom views for it over the weekend to show who is most active or least active. It will be easy now because the last time is tracked in their metadata.



    Outstanding thank you very much.

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